Wednesday, November 28, 2018

two songs

winston hightower

i couldn't see at all
through my sunglasses
there were fingerprints all on them
as i'd been touching my face

all afternoon i had hoped you'd call
even though i was aware
you displayed no indication of calling
i still thought about it

i wanted to destroy every machine
every computer i'm convinced that i need
it's a distinctly post modern kind of suffering
you learn to live with it

september in 2018
how many days since world war three began?
i don't remember exactly how it started
or where, or why, or when

two tv screens
where eyes should be
nothing to see
still hard to see
picture me
before you leave
where i should be
nothing to see

what future?

what future?
there's none!
culture is dumb
people are boring
i don't like that many

the cops will kill you
your car can kill you
your job will kill you
rob portman wants to kill you, yeah

oh, yeah!

i looked hard
i tried to find
the face behind the screen
i saw my own reflection
and he stared right back at me
in his eyes i saw everything
i think but never speak
i tried to hide it for a while there, i think

the bombs, they'll keep you quiet
more than they will keep you safe
whether they're pointed at korea, at iran, or USA
eventually there won't be anywhere
where they can aim
without hitting the guy
pressing the button

the sky is running out of air to breathe
the ground is running out of soil
and i am running out of things to say
yeah, i'm running out of things to say


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